Launched in 1990 out of the need to provide a platform for the growing interest and activity in the fields of Prehistory, Egyptology, Archaeology and Ethnology, Archéo-Nil aims to promote the study of  pre-pharaonic civilisation in the region of North East Africa.

At the crossroads of several disciplines, Archéo-Nil has developed its activities in two main directions: firstly, to provide support for professionals, within the framework of academic institutions (CNRS, Universities and Institutes); and secondly, to provide a platform for the dispersal of this knowledge to the wider community.

Dr Yann Tristant, Lecturer at Macquarie University, Sydney, is president of Archéo-Nil since 2011. The Honorary President of Archéo-Nil is Dr. Béatrix Midant-Reynes, emeritus CNRS Research Director and former director of the French Institute in Cairo (2010-2015).

An annual thematic Journal is a significant aspect of the society's scientific activity.

The Archéo-Nil society has developed a successful travelling exhibition that both introduces and promotes the Predynastic Period to the general public.

Scholars are regularly invited to present the results of their research to the public.

To date Archéo-Nil boasts over a hundred members that include, students, full subscribers and benefactors. Our members include many people within the International academic community.

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