The Archéo-Nil Society has created a travelling exhibition that is available for hire by private individuals or institutions.

Entitled « Aux origines de l'Égypte. Les ancêtres des pharaons », the exhibition tells the story of a country, a culture, a people and of an excavation. The exhibition was
created with the general public in mind and can be adapted to any space. The Archéo-Nil Society’s aim is to provide a visual foundation from which an understanding
of Egyptological collections can be understood.

The exhibition focuses on six main subjects :

- Predynastic and Early Dynastic Periods - The Adaima archaeological site - Daily life during Predynastic times - The world of dead - Objects of daily life - Origin of an elite society

The exhibition is presented on twenty five weaved paper panels (80 x 200cm), classified M, printed in quadrichromy ensuring high quality images (free standing supports
with packing boxes are provided for each panel); two waterproof nylon posters for outdoor placement (80 x 200cm); six showcases with antiquity reproductions as well as
moulded imitations of museum objects; two reconstructed graves; a large reproduction panel of a David Roberts painting (900 x 300 cm).

For further information please download the press kit or contact Christiane Hochstrasser-Petit, exhibition manager: