Archéo-Nil 26

Naissance de l'état, naissance de l’administration : le rôle de l'écriture en Égypte, au Proche-Orient et en Chine / Emergence of the state and development of the administration: the role of writing in Egypt, Near East and China

Béatrix Midant-Reynes

The Origins of administrative practices and their developments in Greater Mesopotamia. The evidence from Arslantepe
Marcella Frangipane

Uruk: Early Administration Practices and the Development of Proto-Cuneiform Writing
Hans Nissen

Tablets, Sealings and Weights at Ebla: Administrative and Economic Procedures at the beginning of the Archaic State in Syria
Luca Peyronel

The Proto-Elamite Writing in Iran
François Desset

La naissance de l'écriture dans l'Égypte pharaonique : une problématique revisitée
Pascal Vernus

Administrative Reach and Documentary Coverage in Ancient States
Wang Haicheng

Early writing, archaic states and nascent administration: ancient Egypt in context (late 4th-early 3rd millennium BC
Juan Carlos Moreno-Garcia

Aux origines de l’exploitation pharaonique des carrières d’Assouan? Retour sur la lecture de l’inscription du bas-relief de Nag el-Hamdulab (NH 7, tableau 7a)
Matthieu Begon

Enlightening the Enduring Engravings: The Expeditions of Raneb
Caleb Hamilton

Bibliography of the Prehistory and the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt and Northern Sudan. 2016 Addition
Stan Hendrickx & Wouter Claes